The holistic platform for the complex improvement of the marketing and sales departments' performance

With our help you can:
  • understand your consumer – track behaviors and define needs;
  • optimize your marketing budget - only smart investments;
  • convert more deals;
  • analyze and improve the work of the sales department.
  • Business executives and owners
  • Marketing department
  • Sales department
  • Customer Service Department
  • Marketing Intelligence Department
Business executives and owners
  • marketing and sales departments effectiveness analytics
  • reduction of telecommunication expenses
  • expanding the geographical coverage of the business
Marketing department
  • marketing channels effectiveness analytics
  • decrease Cost Per Conversion for the Facebook, Google, and other platforms’ ads
  • grow Conversion Rate with Callback widget
  • transparent analytics of the true consumer journey
Sales department
  • simple and easy to use tool for the lead management
  • detailed real-time report of the sales department effectiveness
  • sequence of sales analytics for the further process optimization
  • flexibility and mobility in handling incoming tickets
Customer Service Department
  • managing the load of incoming tickets and their distribution
  • flexibility in servicing various businesses
  • real-time performance reporting
  • additional information recorded during communication with the client
Marketing Intelligence Department
  • consumer decision journey tracking from the first contact point to the conversion
  • consumer journey analytics by the type of consumer

Why us?

Individual approach

10+ years of experience and deep expertise in real estate, 50+ successful projects, and happy customers

Innovative solution

Marketing and sales departments effectiveness optimization solutions

Exceptional service

Full audit of the company's needs for the fast and successful integration

Easy integration

Simple installation without interfering with the site code and integration with any CRM-system

Є запитання?

AdSaver – це платформа для комплексного покращення ефективності роботи маркетингу та продажів.
Ми допомагаємо бізнесу:
  • краще розуміти споживачів
  • оптимізувати маркетинговий бюджет
  • залучити більше клієнтів
  • зрозуміти потенційні місця покращення роботи відділу продажів

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